Final 2019-20 Winter Forecast Released!

October 29, 2019 // Article by: Mike Mihalik

This is our final 2019-2020 Winter Forecast with meteorologists Jim Sullivan and Mike Mihalik. In this outlook, we take a look at the changes we've made from our second winter prediction back in September. Cold arctic air still looks to make its presence known this winter, and we are even more confident now. As a result, we shifted below normal temperature chances farther south, which we also think will push the snowier than normal area in the East farther south. We also talk about storm tracks and nor'easter potential for the Northeast U.S and which months will be snowiest. Since the Upper Plains and northern Rockies have gotten off to a fast start, we'll discuss if the snowy trend will continue into 2019-20 winter season. Please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don't miss pattern updates and Northeast Weather Forecasts through the winter!