A Cool Week Ahead...

May 4, 2020 // Article by: Brad Miller

Wow, what a fabuolus first weekend of May it was in the Northeast.  Yea, some areas saw rain Saturday night and again Sunday night, but for the most part, it was nice during the day and a great start to the month.  However, the mild break will be replaced by another stretch of cool weather.  Temperatures will generally trend down over the next few days and end up well below normal by the time the weekend gets here.  This cooler pattern has been stubborn to break and this week won't be much different.  The good news is that average high temps continue to climb, so even though we may be about 10 degrees below normal for most of this week, it won't as much of a shock as it would be in the middle of winter.  Here is a look at 2 PM temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday 2 PM Temperatures

Wednesday 2 PM Temperatures
Courtesy Pivotal Weather

Thursday will offer more of the same as afternoon highs again only reach the 50s to some low 60s.  As for precipitation this week, there won't be a lot of rain through early Friday.  However, there will be a few disturbances that make their way across the I-95 corridor.  The highest risk for showers will be late Wednesday and Wednesday night and again on Friday.  Here is a look at the amount of rainfall expected Tuesday through Friday morning.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

On Friday, a strong cold front will head for the East Coast.  As mentioned earlier, there will be some showers and perhaps a period of rain for some areas.  However, the big story will be the cold air mass that will settle over the region for the weekend.  There may even be a few snowflakes across interior portions of the Northeast on Saturday.  We'll have more on that in our next blog on Friday.  Until then, keep the sweatshirts close by for this week, especially at night.