A Dry & Cool Weekend Ahead...

September 18, 2020 // Article by: Brad Miller

The final weekend of summer is upon us here in the Northeast, but it will feel much more like fall for sure.  A strong cold front moved across the I-95 corridor Thursday night.  This will be followed by a cool push of dry Canadian air that will last for the next few days.  And while it will be the coolest weather since last spring, at least it will "clean" the air and get rid of the smoky haze that we have seen due to the western U.S. wildfires.  Clear skies will lend to a chilly Friday night across the entire Northeast, but it it is expected to stay a bit breezy.  This will actually prevent temperatures from really "bottoming out".  Here is a look at forecast temperatures for 7 AM Saturday.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

Some inland locations may even see their first frost of the year, but this will more patchy and isolated.  However, that may not be the case Saturday night.  It looks like the wind will become calm and skies will once again stay clear.  This will result in maximum radiational cooling and temperatures will likely be a few degrees lower than Friday night, especially away from the coast and big cities. 

So, a fall-like weekend is ahead for sure as we count down the final days of summer.  The overall pattern stays rather quiet into next week and temperatures will be warming up.  We could actually use some rain, but it doesn't look like much is in the forecast.  More on that in our next blog on Monday.  Until then, have a great weekend !!