Stays Mild This Week...

October 20, 2020 // Article by: Brad Miller

After a few showers along the I-95 corridor on Monday and early Tuesday, the rest of the work week looks mainly dry and relatively mild for late October.  And while parts of the Midwest saw their first snowfall of the year on Monday, the Northeast will be enjoying quite the warm-up over the next few days.  The main reason is due to the jet stream this week.  A fairly significant trough has "dug" it's way into the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains.  This will result in a building ridge for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast over the next few days and into the weekend.  The dip in the jet stream alllows colder, Canadian air to spread south into the U.S.  Meanwhile, the building ridge in the East allows warmer air to surge northward.  Here is a look at the upper air pattern for this Friday.  Notice the trough and ridge set up.

Courtesy Tropical Tidbits

So, with the ridge in place, folks along the I-95 corridor will enjoy a nice stretch of weather along with above normal temperatures.  Thursday looks to be the warmest day as afternoon highs climb well into the 70s.  Here is a look at forecast temperatures for 2 PM Thursday.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

On the precipitation side of things, not much rain expected for the rest of the work week.  In fact, patchy drizzle over the next few mornings will be the only real chance for any wet weather.  Any significant rain will be well off to the west and closer to the trough in the central U.S.  Here is a look at total rainfall through Friday night.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

The weekend starts off mild, but it looks like cooler air will begin to overspread the region by Sunday.  We'll have more on that and the forecast in our next blog on Friday.