A Well Deserved Warm-Up Ahead...

May 12, 2020 // Article by: Brad Miller

Well, it looks like there will be a significant change to the overall weather pattern in the Northeast during the upcoming week! Of course, this is well deserved after several weeks with below normal temperatures. Sure there have been a few mild days mixed in, but for the most part, it has been a cool and wet spring from Washington, DC to Boston. We still have a chilly Tuesday and Tuesday evening to get through before temperatures start rebounding nicely toward the end of the week. Before the warm-up, here's a look at forecasted temperatures from the HRRR model for 6 AM on Wednesday. 

Courtesy Pivotal Weather 

If clouds from a weak disturbance can clear by daybreak, some folks in the Northeast, especially away from the coast, could be waking up to some frost Wednesday morning.  However, high pressure parks itself over the Northeast by the afternoon, leading to a fantastic spring day. Once we shake off the early chill, look for abundant sunshine, light winds, and milder temperatures as highs push into the 60s.

The warming trend continues Thursday as well.  Although the sun fades behind increasing clouds, temperatures will climb into the mid and upper 60s, likely getting close to 70 degrees across Maryland, Southeast Pennsylvania, and Southern New Jersey.  

A warm front lifts north along the I-95 corridor Thursday night, bringing a few showers along with it.  This then sets us up for our warmest day of the season so far.  High temperatures, especially near and south of New York City will make a run at 80 degrees with some locations reaching the low 80s.  Here is a look at forecast temperatures from the NAM model for 2 PM Friday.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

Although it will be warm, Friday will unfortunately not stay completely dry for most places. A strung out frontal boundary will push in from the north and bring widespread showers and storms across the northeast. This slowly moves south during the late afternoon and early evening before slowly exiting by Saturday morning. Depending on the speed of this front, we could still see showers linger into the first half of Saturday along the Delmarva. Otherwise, the start to the weekend isn't looking too bad! That's it for now. Make sure everyone takes advantage of the beautiful weather, but also stay safe and follow social distancing guidelines!