A Quiet Weekend Ahead...

March 19, 2021 // Article by: Brad Miller

After some much needed rainfall on Thursday, the Northeast will begin another stretch of dry weather on Friday and it will last through the weekend.  Also, the first day of spring is Saturday and temperatures will be fitting for the new season.  We'll get to the forecast in a minute, but let's first take a look at average temperatures along the I-95 corridor for the vernal equinox.

  Average High Average Low
Boston 47 33
Hartford 49 29
New York City 51 37
Philadelphia 54 36
Baltimore 55 35
Washington, DC 58 39

It's hard to believe that the average high for the first day of spring in Washington, DC is almost 60 degrees.  And this weekend, temperatures won't be much different.  It will start off rather brisk and cold.  Take a look at forecast temperatures for 7 AM on Saturday.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

But, after the frosty start to our Saturday, lots of sunshine will help to boost afternoon temperatures into the 50s across much of the area.  Check out forecast temps for 2 PM Saturday.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

High pressure will remain locked in across the Northeast through Sunday and will lend to a fantastic finish to the weekend.  It will be chilly again Saturday night with many locations falling below freezing, but another full dose of sunshine on Sunday will result in a nice, mild afternoon.  Here is a look at forecast temps for 2 PM Sunday.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

The quiet weather will spill over into the new work week and we may not see any precipitation again until maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.  So, that's it for now.  Have a great weekend everyone and check us out on social media.  Also, don't forget to drop by The Weather Lounge, our fun and informative podcast about the weather.