Quick Look at the Tropics

August 5, 2019 // Article by: Brad Miller

Not much has changed in the tropics since our last update in early July. At the moment, there are no named storms in the Atlantic, but the National Hurricane Center is watching a few disturbances that could show signs of development. We did have a “landfalling” hurricane here in the U.S. on July 13th as Barry moved ashore along the coast of Louisiana. It was a minimal hurricane as winds were briefly sustained at 75 mph. Flooding was the biggest issue for the Gulf Coast as the slow moving storm produced up to 20 inches of rain in Louisiana.

The tropics will get more active this month, which is to be expected as we progress towards the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season on September 10th. Chantal will be the next named storm followed by Dorian and Erin. So far, so good with our original WeatherWorks Atlantic Hurricane Forecast that was sent out in May. We are still expecting 10 – 13 named storms before the season ends on November 30th. Here is the link to the forecast and the original blog post that explains the overall pattern and expectations in the tropics: https://www.weatherworksinc.com/hurricane-outlook-2019