Heavy Snow Doesn't Care and Neither Does Sleet!

January 28, 2020 // Article by: Mike Mihalik

The snowstorm that's been talked about all week is finally hitting, you're on site holding back any accumulation with a few scrapes and salt. In fact, the parking lot and access roads are now just wet! Perfect...exactly what you want for your zero tolerance client, but then snow starts becoming heavier and heavier. Suddenly, the fact that it's daytime doesn't matter and no amount of salt will hold the accumulation back. You think to yourself, how could this be sticking in March! It was 60 yesterday! Everything was fine just an hour ago...

The fact of the matter is, heavy snow doesn't care. Over the years, we've experienced so many storms where many thought it could never stick to pavements because it was warm earlier in the week...or it's daytime...or April...or "I salted the 'you know what' out of it." However, if snowfall rates are heavy enough (1 - 3"+ per hour), the snow will accumulate faster than it can melt no matter what. Snow's winter buddy, sleet, is also just as brazen. Those little balls of ice are durable and hard to melt quickly because unlike fluffy snowflakes, sleet creates a dense accumulation that is a nightmare to plow. We've even seen bursts of sleet cover up pavements in the middle of a rain storm with temperatures in the upper 30s! 

Sleet is basically frozen rain drops, which covers pavements easily. 

The intensity of snow, type of wintry precipitation, prior temperatures, time of year, time of day, and pavement conditions are all throughly examined and discussed by our meteorologists before and during every winter storm. From this analysis, we understand the complexities of winter storms and strive to provide the very best weather information, catered to your operations, in order to make your snow removal decisions as easy as possible. Storm Alert forecasts, notifications, and consultation were developed to reduce stress for contractors and property managers. Why not give it a shot today? Email sales@weatherworksinc.com for more info or visit https://weatherworksinc.com/products/storm-alert.