A Beautiful Holiday Weekend Ahead

September 4, 2020 // Article by: Jen D’Iorio


After a more active weather day yesterday with showers and storms across portions of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, activity continues to quiet down through this evening thanks to a cold front moving through. Additionally, the passing cold front will allow for dew points to drop, keeping this evening  less sticky and more comfortable throughout the area. High pressure pushes into the region tonight and last throughout the holiday weekend, bringing plenty of sun and just some fair weather clouds. Here's a look at the simulated radar by the Hi-Res NAM for 2PM on Sunday - no precipitation in sight!

Courtesy of Pivotal Weather

Temperatures on Saturday and Sunday will be comfortably warm; in the upper 70s to low 80s, with the overnight hours becoming rather "cool" in the 50s and 60s. Additionally, dew points will have difficulty climbing above the 50s, keeping humidity at bay...Perfect weather for outdoor activities to be more enjoyable! Below are forecasted temperatures again from the NAM for 2 PM Sunday:


Courtesy of Pivotal Weather

Luckily, these sunny and dry conditions will persist through Labor Day, as high pressure continues to stick around. It may just be a tad warmer during the afternoon, but still should be rather comfortable as the next humid airmass does not move in until late Monday night / early Tuesday. As dew points climb back up into the mid-upper 60s on Tuesday, afternoon highs in the 80s will feel more uncomfortable due to the increased mugginess. However, most places should stay dry with just a few pop-up showers or a brief storm not ruled out in spots.

Simulated Radar for 2pm Tuesday - Courtesy of Pivotal Weather

So to sum it all up, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are looking at a nice stretch of dry and pleasant weather through at least Labor Day. Even if it's humid with a slight chance for rain on Tuesday, at least we don't have to worry about Snow...but that's a different story out in Colorado! Speaking of snow, Winter is just around the corner and now's the perfect time to starting planning out your billing strategies. What better way to do so than by signing up for our Certified Snowfall Totals® Service. Visit CertifiedSnowfallTotals.com to request a demo today! Also when you sign up, use coupon code WINTERCOMING at checkout to save $30 off your next order!!