First Frost/Freeze Dates For The Northeast...

December 14, 2021 // Article by: Brad Miller

Fall has arrived and pumpkins, Halloween, and the changing leaves are just some of the reasons that many people love this time of the year. And with all of the great things that come along with Autumn, much cooler air is certainly one of them. Daylight will continue to quickly decrease as well over the next two months and with the longer nights, so do average temperatures.

The first frost is usually followed by the first freeze, which either occurs simultaneously or shortly thereafter. Beyond that point, it is only a matter of time before the first measurable snowfall occurs. The graphic below shows the average dates for the first frost and freeze for select cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Note how much later the first frost occurs as you head south and into the biggest metro areas.

Note: Outlying rural areas and suburbs typically have earlier dates on average