Snow Removal Contracts Backed by Credible & Reliable Data

June 6, 2024 // Article by: Kevin Hopler

Another winter season is in the books, but for many across Northeast and especially Midwest markets, it may feel like winter never began. Some businesses are shifting their focus to the green or construction season, but many snow and ice professionals use this time wisely to bid and start planning for the 2024-25 winter season. Though the thermometer says otherwise, the time to prepare for winter is NOW! Coming off lean or even consecutive lean seasons certainly affect snowfall averages, which makes it even more crucial to have accurate quality-controlled data when structuring your bids and contracts for the next season. 

Backed by nearly 40 years of expertise in the snow and ice industry, WeatherWorks' Snowtistics® reports empower you to make accurate data-driven decisions with comprehensive, historical snow/ice totals, along with detailed analytics for any specific zip code or region across the United States. It's important to note that a “normal” or average snowfall may only occur one-third of the time or even less for any given season. By understanding trends and analytics such as median snowfall, standard deviation, frequency of icing or mixed precipitation events, or even comparing lean or extreme seasons you gain a greater competitive advantage when it comes to balancing a winter portfolio. Incorporating these metrics and more into your portfolio will allow you to develop a better strategy to protect your bottom line from extreme seasons each year.

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