Credible Data to Validate Snow Contracts

April 13, 2023 // Article by: Kevin Hopler

We can officially put the 2022-23 winter season behind us. For some geographic markets, a “lean” winter was an understatement and for many, it was rather non-existent. However, what’s done is done and that should not stop you from planning your contract structures now for next winter! The late Benjamin Franklin said it best, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. A successful business must plan, set concrete goals, prepare budgets, and negotiate contracts early for the winter season. What better time when the past season is fresh in our mind?

The most important part of snow and ice data is that the contractor and property manager agree ahead of time on a credible, reliable and quality source of data. WeatherWorks' Snowtistics® offers the largest and most reliable quality-controlled database of historical snow and ice data – and now with the quickest turn-around time in the industry! Snowtistics® empowers you to make accurate data driven decisions with comprehensive, historical snow and ice totals and analytics for any specific zip code or region across the United States. It is important to note that a “normal” or average snowfall may only occur one-third of the time or less in any given season.  Therefore, thoroughly understanding trends and analytics like median snowfall, standard deviation, lean and extreme seasons can offer you a more competitive advantage when it comes to structuring your winter contracts.

This spring through June 20, 2023, we are running the following specials below. If you ordered a Snowtistics® report over the last few seasons, you can request a low cost “REPORT REFRESH” to include the most up to date data for your location.

WeatherWorks can support the output of Snowtistics® data for one location requests or hundreds of locations in PDF report format and/or Excel (quantity-based discounts apply). Contact our Data and Stats department today at 908-850-8600 or make an email request at  Mention this newsletter article along with the location(s) you need.

Snowtistics Sample