Switching Gears to Spring

April 8, 2021 // Article by: Nathan Wiles

As the days turn longer and the cold season wanes, the question of “Is winter over?” reaches the front desk here at WeatherWorks. Once the green light is given, the plows are pulled and the mowers are lead outdoors....only to be met by opposition from the insistent April showers.

The beauty of it all is that WeatherWorks remains just a phone call away to our year-round subscribers. Be it for landscapers, roofers, schools, or sports teams, we stay on top of all inclement weather so they can make best of even the rainiest of days.

Every year, our meteorologists take part in a pre-summer seminar to freshen up on warm-season events like severe weather, tropical storms, flooding and lightning so we can continue to be the best at communicating client specific weather information. Recognition is the first step in the process and through the proper training, we're able to tailor our forecasts for clients to make informed decisions; as in rescheduling their work or delaying outdoor events.

So why take a chance and have the weather ruin your freshly laid sealcoat or put a halt to fixing that leaky rooftop? When it comes to weather-sensitive decisions, time is of the utmost importance. Bet on the weather experts to help keep you ahead of the storm.

Give us a call about our summer Storm Alert services anytime at 908-850-8600 or Email our sales team at sales@weatherworksinc.com.