An Up & Down Thanksgiving Week...

November 22, 2021 // Article by: Brad Miller

As is common in November, the temperature can flucuate quite a bit as the atmosphere transitions to winter.  And there is no exception here in the Northeast.  It can snow around this time of the year and it can just as easily be 70 degrees based on the overall pattern.  And while this week will have it's ups and downs, overall, we will see mainly quiet weather through Turkey Day.  Before we get to the holiday forecast, let's check out some average temperatures for Thanksgiving week along the I-95 corridor.

  Average High Average Low
Boston 48 35
Hartford 48 30
New York City 51 39
Philadelphia 53 36
Baltimore 54 34
Washington, DC 55 39


As for the forecast, a strong cold front moved off the East Coast Monday afternoon.  Behind it, temperatures will be 10 - 20 degrees below normal on Tuesday along with a few snow showers for interior parts of the Northeast as moisture streaks off the Great Lakes.  And while the snow risk is nothing out of the ordinary for these interior locations, folks will have to bundle up Tuesday morning as wind chill falls into the teens and 20s.  Check out what it will feel like at 7 AM Tuesday.

Forecast Wind Chill 7 AM Tuesday - Courtesy Pivotal Weather 

The good news if you don't like the cold, temperatures start to increase on Wednesday and the warm-up will continue into Thanksgiving.  At the same time, high pressure will build across the Northeast and result in dry weather.  And speaking of the warm-up, check out these 1 PM temperatures for Thanksgiving Day.  Quite pleasant for late November.

Forecast Temps 1 PM Thanksgiving Day - Courtesy Pivotal Weather

So, in summary, it stays precipitation free through Thursday with moderating temperatures before rain chances increase Thanksgiving night as our next cold front approaches the I-95 corridor.  Like the last one, it should exit Friday afternoon taking the rain with it.  This will be followed by another "shot" of cold air as we head into the weekend along with scattered snow showers again for the interior and northern New England.  Here is a look at the simulated radar for 1 PM Friday.

Forecast Radar 1 PM Friday - Courtesy Pivotal Weather

Well, thats it for now.  We'll have a few updates on social media as we head into Turkey Day, so don't forget to follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Also, check out our podcast called The Weather Lounge.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone !!