Introducing: The Weather Lounge!

August 21, 2020 // Article by: Mike Mihalik

Looking for a weather podcast that's both entertaining and informative? Well, you've found it! Not only does The Weather Lounge cover a wide range of atmospheric phenomena, but it also relates weather to its impact on your business and daily life. Meteorologists Brad Miller and Mike Mihalik are your hosts for the bi-weekly podcast and have many years of experience in the weather industry. Before WeatherWorks, Brad was a TV meteorologist is South Carolina, while Mike brings a unique perspective having worked landscaping and construction inspection jobs. You'll find out all that information in Episode 1: Introducing The Weather Lounge below:

Every two weeks, we'll release a new episode, featuring a fresh weather topic and even including special guests from the landscaping field, snow and ice industry, paving/construction field, facility management service, and more. We may even have an early release of our second podcast next week! Be sure to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube for updates on new releases. Also, fell free to visit our Podbean site and follow The Weather Lounge here: