Did You Know We're on the Radio?

June 5, 2019 // Article by: Chris Castellano

For over 30 years, our services have been relied on by forecast and alert clients. However, did you know WeatherWorks started largely over the airwaves?

Of course, the method of how weather information is delivered has evolved over the years. Yet, radio broadcasting remains an important part of the media landscape, especially to commuters and general radio listeners alike. WeatherWorks has been on the air since CEO Frank Lombardo began the company in 1986. Some of the stations have changed over the years, and on-air meteorologists have been added, but what has not changed is the high quality and reliability of radio broadcasting we provide.

Where Can You Hear Us?

If you live between New York City and Philadelphia, chances are you can hear our meteorologists on several stations. Here is where you can find us on the radio:

Hackettstown / NW NJ: 92.7 FM and 1510 AM, WRNJ

Northeast NJ: 1500 AM WGHT

Central NJ: 1450 AM “Talk Radio,” WCTC

Central NJ: “Magic 98.3 FM,” WMGQ

Orange County, NY: 93.5 FM and 1110 AM, WTBQ

Cumberland County, NJ: 98.5 FM, WZFI (Lift FM)

Tri-State Area and Northeast PA / Southeast NY: “The Bridge,” Multiple Frequencies

Atlantic City, NJ: 94.3 FM, WIBG

Be sure to catch us on any of these great stations if you live in the general vicinity or if you are passing through on your morning commute. And don’t forget, you can always do some exploring on the internet, and listen online via apps such as iHeart Radio, or the station’s websites.