Stays A Bit Unsettled In The Northeast...

April 8, 2022 // Article by: Brad Miller

Well, we are progressing into mid-April and still can't "kick" that winter chill out of the Northeast.  Yea, we had some milder days, but temperatures over the past two weeks have been below normal.  Unfortunately, that isn't going to change much this weekend.  And while neither day will be a washout, scattered rain showers will remain in the forecast through Sunday as well.


The morning will offer scattered rain showers, mainly between Boston and Philadelphia.  Again, it won't be raining everywhere, but these "nuisance" showers will stick around until about Midday or so before the disturbance responsible exits the area. There may even be some wet snow mixed in across interior parts of the Northeast, but no accumulation is expected. However, there will likely be another "round" of showers that develop Saturday afternoon as the instability increases across the region.  In fact, there could be a few brief storms and they may even contain small hail. 

Here is a look at the simulated radar for 3 PM Saturday.  In summary, Saturday will not be a washout, but the chance for showers will be present for most of the day.

Courtesy Tropical Tidbits


Sunday will be the drier of the two days this weekend, but it will also be the coolest.  There is likely just enough lingering instability around to "pop" a shower or two in the afternoon, but they will be isolated.  At the same time, it will be on the chilly side with temperatures a good 5-10+ degrees below normal.  And with the northwest breeze, it will feel more like early March than mid-April.  Here is a look at forecast temperatures for 2 PM Sunday.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

The good news: the weather finally gets warmer next week.  Here is a sneak peak at temperatures for next Tuesday afternoon. Have a good weekend everyone and don't forget to check us out on social media.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather