Turning Muggy In The Northeast...

May 13, 2022 // Article by: Brad Miller

Mid-May and all its glory !!  And yes, we finally kicked the chilly pattern that has plagued the Northeast for a good portion of this spring.  The warmer weather is here to stay and it will actually feel a bit like summer this weekend.  We'll get to the forecast in a minute, but first, let's check the average temps for this time of the year.  

  Average High Average Low
Boston 66 50
Hartford 71 48
New York City 71 54
Philadelphia 74 53
Baltimore 75 52
Washington, DC 76 57


So, do you remember last weekend when were dealing with a soaking rain Friday and Saturday...well that same area of low pressure returns this weekend as it climbs back towards the Northeast.  However, the rain associated with it now is scattered at best, so this weekend will not be a washout.  In fact, as you go north on I-95, your chance of rain this weekend decreases.  And right now, Saturday looks to be the better chance to see rain than Sunday.  Here is a look at the forecast radar for 5 PM Saturday.  Notice the further north you go, the less coverage of rain.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

High temperatrures will be in the 70s for the most part, but coastal areas will likely be cooler, especially south facing beaches as the wind blows onshore from off the Atlantic.

As we look ahead to Sunday, it will feel more summer-like as the humidity continues to increase through the weekend.  Check out the forecast dewpoints for 2 PM Sunday.  Anytime that dewpoint gets into the 60s, you can definitely "feel" the humidity when outside.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

Meanwhile, temperatures will be a few degrees warmer than Saturday as afternoon highs push towards 80 degrees (again, away from the coast).  As for rain chances, they will be relatively low and mainly confined to interior parts of the Northeast during the late afternoon hours.  Here is a look at the simulated radar for 4 PM Sunday.  This may be a bit underdone as the increased humidity will likely result in at least scattered showers and storms.

Courtesy Tropical Tidbits

So overall, not a rainy weekend by any means, but we will have to dodge a few showers, especially on Saturday.  As we peek into next week, there is the potential for some stronger storms to develop Monday afternoon as a cold front sweeps across the area.  Look for updates about this on Weatherworks social media platforms, starting Monday morning.  Have a great weekend !!