A Few Storms, Then Turns Nice In The Northeast...

May 27, 2022 // Article by: Brad Miller

Let's go back about a year ago as we got ready for the Memorial Day Weekend here in the Northeast.  The forecast didn't look good and it ended up being absolutely rotten on Saturday and Sunday.  On and off rain along with temperatures in the 40s and 50s for most of us along the I-95 corridor.  This year, looking much better.  And while there is some rain in the forecast, most will be able to enjoy three full days of quiet weather.  And those that do see a few showers or a storm, the other two days will feature fantastic weather.  Let's break it all down...


Well, this looks to be the only day over the holiday weekend that we can see rain.  A disturbance will swing across the the Northeast and this will lend to scattered showers and storms to develop.  And while a shower or two is possible in the morning, Saturday afternoon will offer the "best chance" for rainfall.  Also, the farther south you go along I-95, the lower the chance for any showers or storms.  So right now, it looks like folks from Philadelphia to Boston have the greatest risk.  Meanwhile, a few storms may pack a punch and will be capable of producing damaging wind gusts and small hail.  Here is a look at the simulated radar for 3 PM Saturday.

Courtesy Tropical Tidbits


The good news is that whaever happens on Saturday will be a distant memory by Sunday.  High pressure will begin to build across the Northeast and the end result will be a top ten day of the year.  Nothing but wall to wall sunshine along with pleasant/seasonable temperatures for late May.  In fact, let's take a look at those forecast temps for 2 PM Sunday.  Just awesome !!

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

Memorial Day

As for the holiday itself, not much changes compared to Sunday.  However, it will be a good 5 - 10 degrees warmer and you will notice an uptick in the humidity.  Check out the expected temperatures for 2 PM on Memorial Day.  A lot of inland areas will climb towards 90 degrees !!

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

Just a note, it won't be as warm along the beaches during the afternoon as we are now getting into "seabreeze" season and the cooler ocean air gets transported inland.  And don't forget, water temperatures are still mostly in the 50s to low 60s, so this can lend to a pretty stout seabreeze on the Jersey shore and especially along the coast of New England.

That's it for now, and again, just keep an eye to the sky and the radar on Saturday.  After that, enjoy the fine Memorial Day weekend weather !!