Weekend Starts Dry, Ends Wet...

March 26, 2021 // Article by: Brad Miller

After a very windy Friday afternoon here in the Northeast, the weather will calm down as we head into the final weekend of March.  That's right...April starts next week...wow, how time flies.  Anyway, the wind will slowly subside Friday night as high pressure begins to build across the I - 95 corridor.  This will lend to plenty of sunshine on Saturday and a fine early-spring afternoon.  Here is a look at forecast temperatures for 3 PM Saturday.  And while it may be a bit breezy to start, winds will be only 5 - 10 mph by afternoon, so get out and enjoy.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

This will truly be a 50/50 weekend because the weather quickly goes downhill Saturday night as low pressure approaches the Northeast.  Rain chances will increase from southwest to northeast late Saturday night through Sunday morning.  Once the rain arrives, expect a few hours worth all the way through New England.  However, there may be a break around midday for locations from New York City to Maryland as the warm frontal portion of the storm system lifts north.  Here is a look at the simulated radar for 2 PM Sunday.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

If you look at the simulated radar above, it takes on the classic warm front / cold front set-up.  This means that while folks south of the warm front likely see a break in the rain (perhaps even some sun), thunderstorms may develop Sunday afternoon as the cold front pushes eastward towards the coast.  Again, how far north the warm front "can make it" will determine where storms can develop.  Also, any storms Sunday afternoon may pack a punch with gusty winds.  Either way, everyone will see a good dose of rain before the system exits late Sunday night.  Here is a look at forecast total rainfall through 8 AM Monday.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

So, Saturday will definitely be the better of the two days this weekend.  The new work week starts out quiet and the weather likely stays dry through Tuesday.  But, we'll have more on that in our next blog come Monday.  Until then, have a great weekend !!