Weekend Starts Mild, Ends Chilly...

October 23, 2020 // Article by: Brad Miller

Overall, it's been a relatively mild week here in the Northeast.  Not much in the way of sun, but temperatures have been running about 10 - 15 degrees above normal.  At the same time, it's been mainly dry this past week with the exception of some patchy drizzle and fog from time to time.  Before we get to the forecast for this weekend, here is a look at average temperatures for late October.

  Average High Average Low
Boston 58 44
Hartford 60 38
New York City 61 47
Philadelphia 64 45
Baltimore 64 42
Washington, DC 65 47


As for the upcoming weekend, temperatures will start out rather mild Saturday morning along the I-95 corridor then climb well into the 60s and even a few 70s by early afternoon.  Take a look at forecast temperatures for 2 PM Saturday.  Very pleasant for so late in October.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

However, if you look closely at the map above, there is quite the temperature contrast just off to the west across Pennsylavnia.  That is a strong cold front and will continue to sweep it's way towards the East Coast Saturday evening and Saturday night.  That will drop temperatures significantly for Sunday.  Take a look at forecast temperatures for 2 PM Sunday.  A chilly finish to the weekend for sure.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

As for rainfall this weekend, not much is expected.  In fact, most will make it through Sunday evening completely dry.  The only focus will be any showers that develop along the cold front on Saturday, but the further east you go, the less of a chance for rain as the front loses it's "punch" of mositure.  Here is a look at total rainfall expected for Saturday and Sunday.

Courtesy Pivotal Weather

So, that will do it for now.  Hard to beleive that next Saturday is Halloween then we kick off November on Sunday.  Have a great and safe weekend everyone.  We'll have another blog on Monday to discuss the brand new work week.