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Sun Angle vs. Snowfall

March 27, 2023
Article by: Armando Salvadore

How does the sun's position in the sky influence the ability for snow to stick, and why the difficulty during the Spring months?

Snow Struggles, but Severe Weather Flourishes in February 2023

March 8, 2023
Article by: Shawn McGarrity

A typically wintry month turns out milder, with even a few tornadoes reported, much like spring.

Some Snow, But Mild Overall in February 2023, even a Tornado!

March 7, 2023
Article by: Steven Weinstein

February 2023 brought the first measurable snow of the season for many across the I-95 corridor, but was again quite mild overall.

Can We End This Warm Winter With Wintry Weather?

April 11, 2023
Article by: Kevin Winters

It seems like Winter never showed up for it's yearly appointment. But is it still set to make an appearance? Our Long Range team took a look at the data to see if there are any last minute potentials before we say Hello to Spring!

A Milder January in the Midwest, but Still Some Snow

February 9, 2023
Article by: Shawn McGarrity

More seasonable, cooler air did push through with some snowfall, even in the mild start to 2023.

A Mild January, But a Bit Snowier For Parts of New England

February 10, 2023
Article by: Steven Weinstein

Although it was a mild month, some snow still managed to fall in January 2023.

Atmospheric Rivers: What They Are, Where They Occur, and Impacts

February 16, 2023
Article by: Steven Weinstein

What in the world is this meteorological phenomena, and how does this relate to the active weather that has impacted California? These questions and more answered here!

The Schoolhouse Blizzard of 1888

February 16, 2023
Article by: Shawn McGarrity

A terrible tragedy ensued in the northern and central plains when weather forecasting was in its infancy.

Winter Safety Tips: Staying Prepared and Remaining Healthy

February 22, 2023
Article by: Steven Weinstein

The winter season brings a set of unforeseen hazards that pose a great risk to you if proper precautions are not taken. Find out how to be better prepared and avoid potential winter injuries and illnesses here!

December Brings a Dynamic Weather Pattern for the Midwest

January 11, 2023
Article by: Shawn McGarrity

A rollercoaster December pattern in 2022.

Arctic Plunge, More Interior Northeast Snowfall, and Mid-Atlantic Icing

January 12, 2023
Article by: Steven Weinstein

Despite finishing quite seasonable, December was marked by a brutal cold snap and a continuation of accumulating snowfall events for those across the Interior Northeast.

A Balmy Start To 2023...

December 30, 2022
Article by: Brad Miller

Check out the forecast for the Northeast as we ring in 2023 right here...

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