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Dense Wildfire Smoke, Severe Weather, and Flooding in June

July 13, 2023
Article by: Steven Weinstein

June 2023 started off the summer with a bang, bringing very active conditions severe weather, and numerous instances of flash flooding to parts of the Northeast.

From Smoky Skies to Severe Storms; An Active June in the Midwest

October 16, 2023
Article by: Shawn McGarrity

A bit drier in June, but still quite active at times.

Climate vs. Weather: What's the Difference?

July 13, 2023
Article by: Kyle Leahy

Meteorologist Kyle Leahy discusses why you can't exactly link any one weather event to climate change.

May Trends Much Drier in the Midwest

June 9, 2023
Article by: Shawn McGarrity

With the exception of Ohio, many areas of the Midwest were dry, with even some smoke from Canada.

Breaking Down the Connection Between Canadian Wildfires and Northeast Smoke

October 16, 2023
Article by: Steve Copertino

Learn what conditions fuel wildfire spread and how has the smoke traveled so far across Canada and into the US.

May Features Abnormally Dry and Unseasonably Cool Conditions

June 9, 2023
Article by: Steven Weinstein

May 2023 saw many unseasonably cool stretches, abnormally dry conditions, and was essentially void of any severe weather across the Northeast.

2023 Summer & Hurricane Season Outlook

June 1, 2023
Article by: Kevin Winters

Last year featured yet another hot summer for many. With a potential shift to El Niño this year, will we see cooler weather finally? And how is the Hurricane Season looking?

Severe Weather Hazard Safety Guide

May 16, 2023
Article by: Armando Salvadore

What should you do to remain safe during severe weather? Utilize these tips and procedures so that you can be one step ahead of nature's dangers.

April Brings Mild Temperatures, Bouts of Severe Weather & even Tornadoes

May 16, 2023
Article by: Steven Weinstein

April 2023 was an active month that brought mild temperatures and officially marked the flip from winter to spring. Many bouts of severe weather and several violent tornadoes occurred during the month.

A Drier, Yet Warmer April in the Midwest

May 12, 2023
Article by: Shawn McGarrity

Several bouts of showers and storms, but precipitation was still below normal. Just a hint of snow.

The Catastrophic Johnstown Flood of 1889

May 4, 2023
Article by: Shawn McGarrity

What caused the devastating Johnstown Flood of 1889...

Credible Data to Validate Snow Contracts

April 13, 2023
Article by: Kevin Hopler

It is not too early to start planning your snow removal contracts for next season. We analyze how Snowtistics reports can help drive data driven decisions for your business. Plus, take advantage of our Spring promo...

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