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The Lake Effect Snow Machine

How does lake effect snow form & what are the impacts in the Northeast?

  Buffalo Area After Historic Lake Effect Snow Event Nov 2014. Credit: Anthony Quintano Flickr   Lake effect snow is a phenomenon that is most common to areas around the Great Lakes and...
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Lake Effect Snow in the Midwest

What is lake effect snow and how does it impact the Midwest?

Lake effect snow (or LES), a common occurrence in Michigan during the late fall and early winter months, also happens frequently in the Midwest. It is a phenomenon that occurs when cold air moves...
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A Tale of Two Regions: November 2016

Recap of November 2016 in the Northeast

  Route 17 in Bergen County, New Jersey November 20, 2016   Depending on where you live in the Northeast, you saw two different types of weather in November. Down in the mid - Atlantic, the...
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Warm Weather Continues into November

Wrapping up a warm and dry month for the Midwest. 

The fall season for the Midwest has been a warm one so far, and October finished up to be well above normal for the region. The pattern that kept the first part of the season mild proved to have...
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NJ League of Municipalities Recap

A great week at the NJ League of Municipalities made for good times & better conversations.

After a rainy start, it was stunning Fall weather for the League of Municipalities Conference in Atlantic City on November 15-17th! Even though there was no snow or ice, wintry weather was on...
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