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Powerful Pacific Northwest Storm Recap!

Recap of the unusual coastal storm that hit the Pacific Northwest

  Sea level pressure analysis 4pm Oct 15. Courtesy of NWS Seattle   The Pacific Northwest experienced far from usual October weather this past weekend as two very potent low pressure...
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Wild Weather for the West Coast

Damaging winds & heavy rain poised to crash ashore again this weekend. 

The Pacific Northwest can be known for patterns of constant waves of potent mid latitude cyclones which can bring high winds and torrential rains. Thanks to a blocking pattern downstream, this...
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Can I Flood?

Flooding can occur in unexpected places. We discuss ways to determine if you are at risk.

  Major weather events are typically preceded with meteorologists calling for preparedness, while  the days after a storm are often times filled with inevitable devastation & shock. Too...
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Watches and Warnings: Hurricane Edition

Find out the difference between hurricane & tropical storm watches and warning here!

  Hurricane Matthew GR2 analyst radar image as it approaches Florida October 6, 2016   The National Hurricane Center defines hurricane season between June 1st and November 30th, with the...
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Cool Weather Bookends a Warm September 2016

September began on a fairly cool note in the Midwest as the first three days of the month averaged anywhere from 2 - 6 degrees below normal (highs in the mid to upper 70s and lows in the 60s to even...
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