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Open House Recap!

A look back at the WeatherWorks Open House Event!

Celebrating our 30th year serving the snow and ice industry, the staff of WeatherWorks hosted an Open House of our office in Hackettstown, NJ on September 30, 2016. We wanted to thank our clients for...
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Typical First Freeze & Snow Stats

When does the Northeast normally see its first freeze and first measurable snow?

With the days growing shorter and temperatures cooler, those in the snow and ice industry are busy preparing for the upcoming winter season. Most are especially curious when we will see our first...
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Warm and Cold Fronts

Find out how fronts work and what weather to expect.

If you are a regular viewer of weather broadcasts, you’ve probably heard from the TV meteorologist: “overcast conditions are expected as a warm front approaches from the south.” Or...
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Woolly Bears...Winter Predictors?

These caterpillars aren't pulling the wool over our eyes!

Folklore says the woolly bear caterpillar can predict the severity of the winter simply by the length of the red-orange band at the center of its body. Basically, the more red-orange there is...
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Dry Start but Wet End for September 2016

  The U.S. Drought Monitor map as of September 27th, 2016.   The first half of September which marks the start of meteorological fall, continued the dry trend. For places like southern New...
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