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El Azizia Falls to Death Valley

The 136 degree temperature seemed unbelievable... for a reason.

The hottest place in the United States is and has been for a long time Death Valley, California. Averaging a high temperature of 115 degrees F during the month of July, frying an egg on pavement would hardly be an issue. The highest temperature ever recorded there was 134 degrees F back on July 1...

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Weather History: Hurricane Andrew

20 years ago, Hurricane Andrew wreaked havoc on South Florida
Friday, August 24th, marks the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew striking the south Florida Coast back in 1992. To this day Andrew remains one of only three Category 5 hurricanes to ever make...
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What's That In The Sky?

Curious about atmospheric optics? Learn more here!

Ever spot an interesting feature in the sky but are not quite sure what it is? Is it a bright form around the sun or resemble a rainbow? Well, these phenomena are called atmospheric optics and they...
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Protect Yourself from the Sun

I applied sunscreen, why am I still burnt? Learn more here!